Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sorry, to all my readers that I have put blogging aside during this crazy month! I have been so busy with Christmas shopping, work, and figuring out school/university things for next year.

BUT! I would like to talk a little about shopping for Christmas presents. How many of you will run to the mall, knowing that it will hold all the things you need? Or crossing the border into America hope to get a better deal on something we have here? Have you ever thought of getting those presents second hand? This Christmas I have thrifted 95% of my presents to friends and family this year! Things like scarves, jewelry, house hold items, even some forks and spoons for my mothers jewelry making hobby. Of course, there were things like chocolate or food related items that I bought from places like Walmart or Save-on-Foods (but i was always looking for a sale, I'm pretty cheap). So, instead of going to the mall and spending tons of money, check out your local thrift/consignment stores and take the time to dig through the store, you never know what you'll find!

Another idea for a Christmas present is something that my boyfriend actually did for his mother's present last year. He decided that instead of buying a specific item that she may not even use, he was going to sponsor a child from a third world country and donate a certain amount of money a month to support that child. He gave his mom the picture and information about the child he had chosen to sponsor and has been donating a monthly amount to help that child have a better life. Another one of my friends spoke with her family and they all decided that instead of buying gifts for each other, they would sponsor a family together and use the money they would have spent on each other, to support that family.

And the last present suggestion? MAKE your present! If it be art work, like a painting, drawing, or even a song, or baking of some kind. Why go out and spend lots of money when you have the ability to make something that will most likely mean so much more to your loved ones than a new shirt or a pretty necklace.

This Christmas try something different when it comes to presents, don't think you always need to spend hundreds of dollars to make someone happy.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and God Bless!


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