Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Fall Trends?

So, these are some of the most common trends I've seen on pinterest, church, and just walking around my little town.

One of the biggest trends is definitely long sleeve plaid shirts.
For some reason everyone wants to be a lumberjack this fall. A plaid shirt is a great way to add some pattern to your outfit and with a flannel shirt it will also keep you warm. Either worn as seen above, with the sleeves rolled up, in place of a cardigan, tied around the waist, underneath a sweater (so only the sleeve ends and collar poke out, which is a really cute look), or with the next trend, a nice puffy vest.

This look has just sky rocketed this fall and it is such a great look! I have seen so many people sporting this look (my mother has been looking for a vest like this) and I absolutely love it. it has just got such a fallish look and adds an extra layer to your outfit keeping you even warmer. It can be worn with so many different outfits, but some of the more popular ways I've seen it worn is with (as seen above) a nice stripped shirt, with a long sleeve plaid shirt, or changing the vest to a fur style and wearing it with a knitted sweater/long sleeved shirt underneath.

And the last trend I'll be showing is very popular trend and comes back every autumn. BOOTS! Of course! Two of the most common styles I've been seeing everywhere are either the combat boots,

  or the (almost) knee high  boots.

And it seems to be that the biggest thing trending with boots this fall is to throw in some peek-a-boo socks (as I like to call them). Either plain white, grey, or black, or some fun patterned ones, they are all trending this fall and like all the above trends, I LOVE THE LOOK!

And my final trend is......the KNITTED HEADBAND, which I have seen on almost every single teenage girls head this fall. These headbands can be added to practically any look and just make it cuter and extra cozie! There are so many different styles for these headbands, if its a bow or a flower, or just one giant headband. Buy them in the store (thrift shops?) or knit your own!

These are only a few of the many trends I have been seeing everywhere this fall and I think they are all great looking trends, too!

If you have any trends you've been seeing a lot of this fall and I didn't mention them above, leave a comment or twitter me @AliviaJW.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and I'll chat to you soon!


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