Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Finally! I have gotten around to starting up my very own blog. I have been wanting to do this for a very long time and even when I made the blog and set it up I waited a week before I made my very first post, because I had NO idea what I was going to say! For some reason I was so scared to make my first post, but here I am! Finally making myself do it instead of continuously talking about doing it, but never ACTUALLY doing it.

I guess I should begin by introducing myself....Hi everyone! My name is Alivia! I'm 17 , just graduating high school this year (YAY). I live in beautiful British Columbia and have hopes and dreams of one day becoming a novel editor/writer. I have a fantastic and supportive family; my sister, mother and father (and an adorable little dog!) and a wonderful boyfriend. I love photography, writing, reading, music, soccer (go Whitecaps!), THRIFTING/shopping, and spending time with my friends and family.

I think that's probably good, what do you think? I guess if there's anything else you would want to know you can go ahead and ask me.

Which brings me to what I would love to achieve with this blog! I've always loved to solve problems and help people out and I have always loved the ask and advise kind of blogs, which is why that is exactly what I wanted to try! I want to help all of my now and future readers out! I'd love for people to either email me at alivia.j.w@hotmail.com or twitter me @AliviaJW and ask any questions you may need some advising with! As well, like I said above I LOVE to thrift and so I wanted to add in something I'd like to call "Thrifty Thursday", where every Thursday I will talk a bit about one or two outfits that I've thrifted (with photos of course). I will also be randomly posting about things that are on my mind or heart!

I hope that this is informative enough about my idea for this blog and again like I said email or tweet me and I'll choose a specific day to do a Q&A (probably Wednesdays or Mondays). I'll be talking to you all soon! Have an awesome week!

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