Thursday, 14 November 2013

Thrifty Thusday - Nov 14, 2013

This is the very first THRIFTY THURSDAY! and I'm really excited to show the world how simple it is to be trendy, while still saving money.

So, here we go:

This is a really cute fall look, it will still keep you warm and cozy, but you'll look super cute at the same time and the best part EVERTHING IS THRIFTED!
The scarf and boots are from Salvation Army; the scarf was $3 and the boots were $9. Both of the brands are unknown (I couldn't fnd a brand name ANYWHERE on the boots).
The Sweater is from Value Village and I only paid $6 for it! The brand name is "Castle".
The skirt is also from Salvation Army and I only paid $5 for it! I've seen similar skirts in the mall for between $20-$50 dollars (which I think is outrageous), so I definitely lucked out with that find. The brand name is "Luna Tiks". Also, the tights I'm wearing are just regular black tights you can get anywhere, I just added one tear on both sides at the thigh.
This is a close up of the boots, which I absolutely LOVE. They are a little pointed at the toes and have a small but flattering heel. They are extremely comfortable and keep my feet nice and dry (even in the snow!).
I really love this outfit and if you do, too let me know!
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Have a great rest of the week!


  1. LOVE the look - you did a great job putting it together. how did you score a reasonably priced item at VV? they always seem to be so expensive to me these days. so i love the look but i wonder if it would look good on me, as i'm 49, not 17. :-) what do you think? is there such a thing as 'age appropriate' clothing?

  2. Thank you! I tend to avoid VV nowadays because of that reason, they are SO expensive! But, I've found that if you look at every single piece of clothing in there (which is what I tend to do), you're bound to find something reasonably priced. I think that outfits made for a 17 year old can be recreated for someone who would want to dress more mature or is around your age, you just need to find the right pieces and then viola, you have a fantastic trendy outfit! And on a side note, don't be scared to try something that looks ugly on the rack! I've found some of my best pieces after I finally tried them on.